The Crossbearers, Inc


The mission of the Crossbearers is to extend the Kingdom of God through a fellowship of believers, workers and ministers demonstrating the unity of the body of Christ by standing for Biblical truth, speaking with a representative voice, and serving the community through united efforts in social action, educational enterprise and spiritual endeavor.


Resources for the Blind, Inc

Resources for the Blind, Inc. is a non-government Christian organization located in Manila, Philippines.CasaCornelia The organization has been active since 1988. Blindness in the Philippines can be treated or prevented, but most families aren’t able to afford the necessary healthcare. About 100 children are blinded every week. This facility helps children flourish by providing counseling, screening and eye exams, education through braille, eye surgery, and prevention measures.

Casa Cornelia Law Center

Casa Cornelia Law Center is a public interest law firm providing quality pro bono legal services to victims of human and civil rights violations.CasaCornelia The Center has a primary commitment to the indigent within the immigrant community in southern California. Casa Cornelia strives to educate others regarding the impact of immigration law and policy on society and the public good.